LOL Men’s Golf Group


We start as early as weather permits.  Usually sometime in April. We end as late as weather permits.  Usually sometime in October. We play at Pheasant Acres Golf Course 10705 CO RD 116 Rogers, MN 55374 612-428-8244 Our first tee time is officially 5:00 pm but we are allowed to start as early as 4:50 if tee box is open. (it frequently is)   We usually play 9 holes but some will play more if there’s enough light.   Most walk. The league is very informal and plays just for fun. No dues, teams, handicaps, or permanent score keeping. Groups form at first tee. Tell the front desk you’re with Lord of Life when you pay. They’ll let you know if we’re on front or back. During COVID-19, if works best if you buy a gift cert online and use it when you check in.   Pheasant Acres maintains an awards point system as you spend $$ with them.  Ask about it. PAGC does not have a formal ‘closed due to weather’ notification system, so when it’s iffy, use your own judgement. Or you could try the course phone.  You might get through! Hope to see you on Thursdays! Greg Janssen, LOL Men’s Golf Mgr. 612-242-2617 cell

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